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Connect & Grow SEQ Inc is dedicated to empowering businesses within the food, agriculture, and tourism sectors across South East Queensland. By becoming a member, you unlock a suite of benefits tailored to foster growth, innovation, and collaboration. Here’s how membership can transform your business:

Why Become a Member

By joining Connect & Grow SEQ Inc., you become part of a network of peers dedicated to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Our organisation provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and business development, equipping your business with the necessary support and resources to succeed in South East Queensland’s competitive food and hospitality industry. Membership with Connect & Grow SEQ includes reciprocal membership with the Ipswich Region Chamber of Commerce, allowing members to enjoy the same benefits across both organisations.

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network: Meet like-minded professionals and forge valuable connections within SEQ's vibrant business community.

Industry Growth

Play a pivotal role in advancing SEQ's food, agriculture, and tourism sectors through strategic collaboration and insight.


Join the Grazing Table event to network, showcase your products, and learn from industry experts. Grow your business in SEQ.

Industry Updates

Stay informed on regulations affecting your sector for strategic planning.

Special Discounts & Advice

Access discounted events and expert insights on emerging business trends.

Promotional Opportunities

Gain visibility across our channels, enhancing your market presence significantly.

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Together, we can achieve growth, sustainability, and innovation. Join Connect & Grow SEQ Inc. today and be part of the agribusiness revolution.