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Empowering SEQ’s food, agriculture, and tourism sectors to flourish through connection, innovation, and sustainable economic development

Connect & Grow SEQ​

Cultivating SEQ's Future

Explore SEQ’s food, agriculture and tourism sectors: a celebration of local produce, culinary innovation, and sustainable farming. Together, they form the foundation of our community’s growth and prosperity.

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Immerse yourself in SEQ's food sector, where local flavours and innovative culinary practices combine to create unforgettable experiences.



Discover the backbone of SEQ's economy in our agriculture sector, fostering sustainable practices for a greener tomorrow.

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Explore the dynamic tourism landscape of SEQ, offering unique experiences that connect visitors with our rich cultural and natural heritage.

Empowering Growth​

Our Mission at Connect & Grow SEQ

At Connect & Grow SEQ, we’re dedicated to fostering a thriving ecosystem for small to medium food producers, agriculture entrepreneurs, and tourism operators in South East Queensland. Our mission revolves around enhancing the economic landscape by providing comprehensive support, facilitating connections, and unlocking new opportunities. 

We offer access to expert advice, link producers and operators with potential customers, and pave the way for innovative collaborations. By driving demand for local food, agriculture, and tourism, we’re not just supporting the present; we’re investing in a sustainable and prosperous future for our community.

Member Benefits

Networking Opportunities

Expand your network: Meet like-minded professionals and forge valuable connections within SEQ's vibrant business community.

Industry Growth

Play a pivotal role in advancing SEQ's food, agriculture, and tourism sectors through strategic collaboration and insight.


Join the Grazing Table event to network, showcase your products, and learn from industry experts. Grow your business in SEQ.

Industry Updates

Stay informed on regulations affecting your sector for strategic planning.

Special Discounts & Advice

Access discounted events and expert insights on emerging business trends.

Promotional Opportunities

Gain visibility across our channels, enhancing your market presence significantly.

Connect, Collaborate, and Grow​

Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, Connect & Grow SEQ Inc is committed to building a future where local food, agribusiness and tourism industry thrive together, supporting a more resilient and prosperous community.