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At Connect & Grow SEQ Inc, the food sector encompasses various culinary disciplines and business models, each playing a crucial role in our food ecosystem. Whether you’re dishing out gourmet meals in cosy cafés and bustling restaurants, innovating in food manufacturing with packaged goods, or operating specialty food retail outlets, there’s a place for you. Our network extends to caterers who bring flavour to every gathering, food delivery services that connect your offerings with consumers’ convenience, and bakeries and confectioneries that sweeten life’s moments. Not to forget the food trucks and street food vendors that add character with diverse cuisines and businesses focused on dietary and nutritional products, catering to health-conscious consumers. Each segment is integral, providing unique contributions that enrich our community and the dining experiences of South East Queensland. Join Connect & Grow SEQ Inc. to navigate, collaborate, and thrive in the expansive food sector, where your business can find its niche and flourish.

Why Become a Member

By becoming a part of Connect & Grow SEQ Inc, you join a network of peers committed to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. We offer a platform for networking, collaboration, and growth, providing your business with the support and resources needed to thrive in South East Queensland’s competitive food and hospitality industry.

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Networking Opportunities

Access to a wide network of industry peers, enabling members to form valuable connections, share insights, and collaborate on new ventures within the food sector and beyond.

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Promotional Support

Exclusive opportunities to showcase your business across Connect & Grow SEQ Inc's marketing channels, including social media, newsletters, and events, enhancing your visibility and reach to potential customers.

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Education & Events

Benefit from workshops, seminars, and webinars led by industry experts, offering insights into market trends, regulatory updates, and innovative business practices to keep you ahead in your field.

Membership Options

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Connect, Collaborate, and Grow​

Through collaboration and strategic partnerships, Connect & Grow SEQ Inc is committed to building a future where local food, agribusiness and tourism industry thrive together, supporting a more resilient and prosperous community.